If you asked about him,
I’d explain it to you like I didn’t see this heartbreak coming.
The truth is me and him were like a car crash waiting to happen,
But I wouldn’t admit this.
From the start you encouraged me to put poison into my veins,
I took drags from your cigarettes,
They left me with burns on the back of my throat.
I did the drugs you handed me,
I lost count of all the nose bleeds.
All it took was for you to look into my eyes once to convince me to do whatever you said,
They were so blue,
I should have known that one day I’d drown in them.
Most nights when you didn’t call I’d reach for a bottle,
The alcohol would help me forget your name,
But it never helped me forget the way your lips molded against mine.
I know I should blame your false promises,
Your stupidly large ego,
And the way you lead me on,
But I can’t help but blame myself,

I should have known this wouldn’t end well.

I shouldn’t have to tell the story like this.

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